True North Central FL

True North Central Florida

After planning and preparing for two years, we are so excited to announce that our Student Program is now here! True North teaches the country’s leading relationship education curriculum: REAL Essentials. It empowers students to develop relationship skills which enhances confidence, healthy communication, and social success. This program equips students with positive decision making, as well as critical thinking toward their future. Our vision is simple. We want to help the next generation grow strong and healthy relationships!



Parents, are you looking for an exciting and educational opportunity for your children this summer? Look no further! Welcome to the Real Essentials and Money Matters Summer Camp in Central Florida.

Here’s why you should consider enrolling your child:

  • Tailored Tracks: We understand that different age groups have different needs. That’s why we offer separate registration tracks for high school and middle school students. Rest assured, your child will receive curriculum and attention tailored to their developmental stage.

  • Date and Time: From July 8th to 11th, our camp runs from 9 am to 1 pm daily, with a lunch break at 11:30. It’s the perfect way to keep your child engaged and learning during the summer months.

  • Affordable Registration: Register your child for just $50, and we’ll cover lunch for them each day. It’s a great value for an enriching experience!

Join us for a summer camp that combines fun and learning, where your child will gain essential life skills and money management know-how. Don’t miss out—reserve your child’s spot today!